Dan and Phillipa Munday – Link Letter No.4 December 2013

Link Letter No.4 Dan and Phillipa Munday  Nepal  Christmas 2013

Dear friends,

Carol singing in November? Well, that is what it felt like yesterday morning on the drive we share with the landlord and his family. The ladies group from the local temple, along with the landlady, had come to sing some songs of welcome to Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth on the first day of Tihar (Divali). We have had a lot of festivals lately, with Dashain just three weeks ago when the country shuts down for a week and people go to their home village for the celebration and goats are sacrificed. During each festival there are
different days for different things. In Dashain there is a day for honouring vehicles, when motorbikes, cars and taxis have red ribbons tied to them.

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