Pews News – 15th July 2018

15th July 2018 – Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Next Sunday
We welcome Revd Kate Pearson, Chaplain at the University of Warwick to take our service.

Please note that Fran and Greg will be on holiday from July 16th-31st inclusive.  Any enquiries should be directed to Phil Richardson on 07747 776230. Julie Crow is also on holiday until 19th July.

We now have a band of volunteers who have agreed to take on the cleaning of the church. It would be helpful still to have one or two more. If you would like to know more about what it entails please speak to Greg, Fran or Jackie Lynch.

Social Committee
The PCC agreed to introduce a Social Committee to co-ordinate a programme of events to meet three aims

  • Build fellowship
  • Encourage non-church members to build relationships with the church
  • Fund raising for the churches mission.

We are looking for 5 or 6 people who would be interested in joining the group and to support the above aim. We are looking especially for people who are keen on organising and co-ordinating activities. The group is not expected to plan and run all events, but certainly will be expected to take an active role in taking forward some of them. If you think this is you please speak to Nick (

This is without doubt an important ministry within the church and without willing volunteers the life of the church will be poorer, both financially, but also as a family who join together in fellowship. Please don’t be shy….the good news is we have terms of reference for the committee, so what more could you want!

Sidespersons Rota
After a number of years in the role, Steve Wankling is going to retire in the Autumn from his responsibility for drawing up the termly Sidespersons/Readers rota. We are looking for a volunteer to take this on. Please speak to Steve if you would like further information about what is entailed.

Make Lunch
For the last two years, St Andrew’s has supported the wonderful Make Lunch project that runs out of Limbrick Wood Baptist Church to feed children in the Tile Hill/Eastern Green area who have free school meals during term time but don’t necessarily eat properly during the holidays. In order for the club to run this summer, we desperately need more volunteers. It will run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10-1pm from July 30th for 5 weeks. You can volunteer for as many or as few sessions as you are able. The team needs kitchen staff, children’s games organisers etc. If you want to know more, please speak to Greg or Hilary.

Housing Development
The consultation event with Hallam (land promoters for the fields in the north of the parish) and a meeting with Mark Andrews, the Chief Planning Officer of Coventry City Council this last week have confirmed the possibility that an additional 3,000 homes may be added to the parish over the next decade.  The City Council will embark on its own consultation process around September time.  It is important that every individual participates in this to maximise our influence over the nature of the development.

St. Andrew’s and St Andy’s Holiday Club
Children’s Church at St Andrew’s and St Andy’s are running a holiday club for primary school children aged between 5 and 11 years on Monday, 23rd July and Tuesday, 24th July. There will be lots of stories, crafts, games and activities on the theme of FRIENDS AND HEROES. Look out for more details and a registration form on our fliers or contact either Emma (07969 066979) or Hilary (07980 596646).

Kidz Klub
Kidz Klub are having their annual Kidz Klub’s Got Talent next week (17th) and we’re hoping to have a quick BBQ afterwards and encourage families to come along, so it’s a great opportunity to come and get to know the families.

Sarah Adamson (leader of Kidz Klub) is looking to fill the following roles:

  • 2 people to sort out food & BBQ (pre-cook meat, light BBQ, put bread/cheese/sauces/crisps/drinks/cups/napkins out, cut up
    cucumber and wash tomatoes and put out (4.45pm arrival)
  • 2+ people to welcome parents, chat, be friendly etc. (4.45pm arrival)
  • 2+ people to help clear up (6.30pm arrival)

If able to help, please contact Sarah at

Save the Date – Parish Weekend 10th – 12th May 2019
The Parish Weekend was so successful we are doing it again next year. If you want to join us sign up now and reserve your place. The cost will be £150 for adults with reductions for children and we will operate a saving scheme if that helps make it possible for you. There will be an early bird discount of £10 for those signing up before end of November. If you are interested or would like more information please speak with Sue Masters or Greg.

Home Insurance
The Smith family has recently changed its home insurance. Not only did we save nearly £200 over the year for ourselves, but Ecclesiastical Insurance then issued a cheque for £130 for St Andrew’s. If six more families were to do this come their renewal date, this would be an additional £1,000 for the church and savings for you. To find out more, ring 0800 783 0130 and quote TRUST130 or visit This is fundraising as easy as it gets!

Social Media
We are looking to set up a small working group to develop policy around the church’s use of social media. Anyone willing to get involved should speak to Greg or Paul Crowe.

Sponsored Walk
Greg and Phil are leading a group who will be undertaking the southern third of the Heart of England Way (approximately 35 miles) on Saturday Aug 11th.  We are seeking to raise funds for the church and for a memorial garden at St Andrews School in memory of Brandon Gurney the 6 year old who died at Christmas.  It is not too late to join us.  Participants only need complete a stage or two of the walk (individual stages are 3-5 miles long).  Additions to the valiant support crew also welcomed.  Sponsor forms are available at the back of church.  If you are able to take one away for us, please do.

We are really grateful to Carys Egner who has agreed to take over the role as Facebook administrator.  She can be contacted at

For those who are perturbed by uncut grass in the churchyard, please be encouraged to hear that a recent survey by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has found Downy Oat-grass, Yellow Oat-grass, Meadow Fescue, Tor-grass, Great Burnet, which are all rare grasses in Coventry.

Pram Service
Our next Pram Service, specially designed for pre-school children and their families, takes place this Tuesday, July 10th at 9.15 a.m. with doors open from 8.45.  The service will continue throughout the summer holidays, providing stories, songs, craft and prayers for little ones as well as refreshments served both before and after the service.

Kidz Praise
The last Kidz Praise before the summer holidays takes place on Thurs July 19th at 3.15 p.m. with a break until the first Thursday of September.

Prayer List
Please pray for Ann Crowley, Darren Lee, Rosemarie Pottinger, Sandra Watts, Flix Haynes, Margaret Shale and Lynnette Clarke. To add names to the list please contact Julie at or 07756 918847.