Bulletin – 23rd March 2020

Church Bulletin

There are different kinds of service but the same Lord. (1 Corinthians 12.5) These words of St Paul appear shortly before his great hymn to Love in 1 Corinthians 13 and serve as a reminder that Love means nothing if it does not display itself in the serving of others. There has been much focus in the news on those whose service has become more important than ever before – our national health staff and supermarket delivery drivers, but I want to pay tribute to those who have offered to serve in new ways: the shoppers, the phoner uppers, the technicians and the pray-ers. May the Holy Spirit equip you for all you are called to do.

Church Service

Something in the region of 70 people watched yesterday’s 10 a.m. service and we’ve had some lovely messages of appreciation, for which I am very grateful. Many thanks to Paul Crowe who made this possible. If you haven’t yet seen it, if you visit the church website at http://standrews-eg.org.uk/ and click on the link at the top of the right hand column, it should take you to the service. Do let us know if you had or have any technical problems and we will try and help you.

Prayer Resources

Lesley Lee has very kindly prepared some resources to help you pray and worship during this period in which meeting face to face is denied us.         We trust you will find them helpful. Again, let us know if you can’t open the attached documents or need further guidance in using them.

Food Shopping

Although the situation may change, at the moment we have a large bank of volunteers keen to help with shopping. We have only received a couple of requests for help so far, so there is plenty of capacity. Do get in touch with Julie by responding to this email or by phoning 07756 918847. You can do this for yourself or on behalf of a neighbour/friend/family member. Please, please, please if you are over 70 or have other underlying health problems, let someone else do this for you. Keep yourself safe and do your bit in ensuring the NHS is not overwhelmed.

I have banned Fran from shopping, which means that I have had to visit Sainsbury’s when I have only ever trailed around behind her staring at my phone. This has caused a number of unanticipated difficulties. One thing on her shopping list was coleslaw. Simple, I thought. Who knew Sainsbury’s had 17 different varieties of coleslaw! She also asked for butternut squash for the delicious soup that she makes. I love eating the soup, but I’ve never seen a butternut squash in the wild! She has had to manage without.

Corona Response Team

St Andrew’s has set up a Corona Response Team (for want of a better name) which consists of the Vicar, the two churchwardens and the two Readers.         We are seeking to ensure that St Andrews Church is ready to answer the question: what did you do in the Great Corona battle? It is our hope to send out this bulletin three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Do let Julie know if you would prefer not to receive it. The conversation doesn’t have to be one way. Do send us comments, questions, prayer requests or even funny stories to share.


“Faith is the gaze of a soul upon a Saving God”. Thanks to Kate Dagger for that quote from Tozer.

A Daily Prayer outline – common worship

A Prayer of Assurance