Maundy Thursday meditation by Rev. Greg Smith

I invite you to wash your hands (something you will have done many, many times over recent weeks). You may like to bring a bowl of water and a towel into your ‘prayer place’. As you wash remember these words of Jesus from John 13: “A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples”. As you recite these words, pause to recall that Jesus means us to understand that Love is best demonstrated in practical service of those around us: by washing their feet. How can we be a servant of those in need? Can we shop for the self-isolating? Telephone the lonely? Pray for those suffering most? Can we send a card, email or text offering encouragement?

When you have reflected on this, please press play and listen to the Gospel of the Watch being read by Angela Lamb.

Afterwards, you may like to extinguish the lights and imagine you’re in Gethsemane with Christ being asked to watch and wait with him for one hour.

I invite you to become aware of Christ’s agony, the suffering he is prepared to endure out of love for us. Praise Him for that love. Then thank Him for the many blessings you have. Why not see how many you can name.

And then as he prayed for the world, pray for:

  • Those currently in hospital suffering with the corona virus
  • The families who have lost loved ones and cannot grieve them naturally
  • Those working in our health service and caring industries
  • Those who are physically isolated and therefore feeling socially isolated
  • Those who have lost jobs or living with the fear of redundancy
  • Those finding being locked up with their family a cause for tensions to rise
  • Those responsible for finding an effective vaccination

Finally, pray for those others who are participating in this vigil with you – who you can’t see but are part of this one fellowship.