Bulletin – 24th April 2020

Church Bulletin

Feeding the hungry

What is often missed in the reading of the healing stories of Jesus, recorded in the Gospels, is that they are as much stories of social healing as physical healing. The blind man, the lame and the lepers cannot work and therefore are forced to beg for food. There is no social security for them to fall back on. We are told that Jesus is moved with compassion when he sees them, but we are not told which aspect of their plight most moves him. However, it is a terrible thing not to be able to feed your family. In this light, the emergency food hub we are operating in Tile Hill is a means of bringing God’s healing to those, who through no fault of their own, cannot feed their families. When you next applaud the NHS workers, spare a thought (and prayer) for our food hub volunteers and those across the city who are seeking to feed the hungry.

Phil Richardson

Many congratulations to Phil who has formally passed his curacy! He is free to look for a job as a Vicar now that he is fully qualified. However, he is not intending to do this until Anne has also passed her curacy at a similar time next year. Phil has been a tremendous blessing to us. And it now appears we haven’t done him any harm!

Weds gatherings

Starting next Weds (April 29th) at 10 a.m. we will be launching a Weds morning service. This will be live so that you will need access to zoom to be able to join us. We will publish access details on Monday. The format initially will be talk, discussion, prayer and coffee (bring your own).  We are going to work our way through the middle chapters of Romans, 5-8, which contain the fullest expression of St Paul’s understanding of the Gospel. We look forward to seeing you then.

Using Zoom

To download Zoom, please visit http://zoom.us and click on sign up. When you open the zoom app, you will be offered the opportunity to ‘Join a Meeting’. Please click on this option. The meeting will have an ID number which you should input. This will be 9 or 10 digits (e.g. see Sunday’s coffee meeting). You will then be given the option to click on join and will be invited to enter a password. This is a six digit number that will also have been provided to you. Please do not share this password publicly. Only share it with trusted friends in a closed forum.


Do join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. for our walk down the Emmaus Road. It is encouraging to know that the vast majority of our friends are all tuning in at the same time.  Then join us for coffee from 11 a.m. by clicking on the link in last Friday’s bulletin or by inputting meeting ID  and password. We look forward to seeing you. The format is 20 minutes altogether (approx. 20 last week) followed by a time in break out rooms where you will find yourself just with 3 or 4 others to allow everyone to chat.

Supporting Mental Health

While one or two of you may be grateful for the current lockdown as a time to get on top of the garden or to read that book that you’ve never had time for, many more are finding it difficult.  In light of this, thanks to Emma Craddock, we publish today the second in a series of meditations designed to help you through.  Please click here  Day Two


To Fintan Wildman who is 5 today! And also to Sue Masters, whose birthday it is on Sunday and who may be a little older!


Do let us know if you are aware of anyone celebrating a birthday so that we can congratulate them.

Food shopping

A reminder that we are here to shop! Please don’t wait until the cupboards are bare to ask for help.  A couple of days’ notice would be helpful.  Please contact Julie for assistance on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk

Electoral Roll

There are a handful of people who haven’t joined St Andrew’s electoral roll and are eligible to do so.  We would warmly encourage you to do this. A form can be obtained by emailing Lesley Harrison at lesleyannharrison30@gmail.com

Love never fails

Thanks to Elizabeth Cuthbert for reminding us of those inspirational words from 1 Cor 13.8