Supporting Kidz Klub Coventry

Dear all,

I wanted to bring to your attention the financial needs of Kidz Klub at this time. I have been volunteering with Kidz Klub for almost 2 years now and they have really impressed me with how they engage children in communities such as Tile Hill. I have seen first hand how their work changes the lives of not just the children but the families of these areas.

Growing up in an area like Tile Hill, the challenge for children can be to have hope, as they do not see how their futures can be any different. Therefore, as the headteacher at Limbrick Wood school has told me, children as young as 8 have been enticed into drug dealing and other illegal activities. Another attraction for the children is that of gangs, and we’ve seen only last year the outcome of this; a young lad killed in a knife crime in Tile Hill as a result of gang warfare. With the youth services in Tile Hill shutting down, this has hardly helped matters.

What Kidz Klub do is bring children together for a weekly event in which they play games, sing songs and have fun, providing a safe and boundaried space to enjoy themselves. But within this they also explicitly offer an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus and to follow Jesus for themselves. Children who wish to can not only make commitments to following Jesus, but are later trained as teenage helpers, and given experiences and responsibilities that provide essential work experience for them. Additionally, the needs of the families are addressed, as parents and the rest of the family are visited mid-week and offered prayer and a listening ear.

As we move into Tile Hill I feel that a close connection with Kidz Klub is going to be a fruitful relationship for us as a Church, and so I was very concerned when I heard of the financial pressures Kidz Klub are in right now. This is from Anya, their administrator:

Currently, Kidz Klub’s finances are in a critical place. Funding is often tight at this time of year, because while our bills need to be paid every month, a lot of our income is irregular.  We have sent out fundraising appeals and applications, but trusts often don’t meet until later in the year to award grants. There is of course the added uncertainty as to whether trusts will indeed meet at all during the current pandemic.

This year, the situation is especially serious and we need your help to keep the charity running during this season of isolation and beyond, so we can be ready to start our Klubs back up again as soon as the government deems it safe enough to do so. (During the pandemic we are still providing support for families we work with and have started creating online content for the children.)

I am therefore I am asking if you will pray and consider if you would like to give a one-off gift or a regular monthly standing order to support their work. And don’t forget, just like the widow’s penny, even the smallest amount can be used by God.

If you want to ask any questions, do get in touch. You can give here or find our more about Kidz Klub here.

God Bless and please do pray about whether you would like to, and how much you can give!

Phil Richardson
Curate, St Andy’s Church