Bulletin – 29th April 2020

Church Bulletin

Romans 8.28 reminds us that all things work together under God’s purposes. I am especially conscious of this when I see how one person’s practical need to have someone do the shopping, pick up a prescription or provide an emergency food parcel is met by someone else (possibly a stranger) desperate in these times of lockdown and furlough to be able to do something of value for another. I would encourage you if you are hesitating to ask for help to think not so much in terms of being the recipient of charity but as being the donor of an opportunity for someone else to serve: to play our part in God’s outworking of His purposes.

Weds gatherings

It was good to see familiar and friendly faces this morning at our first Weds gathering. Do join us next Weds at 10 a.m. for the next section of Romans (chapter 5.12-21). You should be able to use the same link as this week.

Using Zoom

If you are trying to use zoom to join us for our weekly post-service coffee time, and are struggling to get on, please feel free to text 07902 794653 and ask for help.   That’s what we’re here for.

Book Group

After a pause occasioned by the corona lockdown, we plan to relaunch our book group with a virtual meeting via zoom on Monday June 22nd in the evening. If you would like to join us, please email Sue on susanmasters@sky.com If you have any suggestions for a Christian book that we might read and discuss, Sue would be pleased to hear from you.

Doreen Hand

It is with sadness that the family of Doreen Hand, a former member of our congregation, report that she died on 19 April. Doreen was an active member of the community, and was involved in several church and fellowship groups, and in U3A, which she remembered with fondness after she moved to be closer to her family in Cheltenham. Doreen continued to visit her friends in Eastern Green, most recently in 2018, and missed their company until she died.  Her daughter, Sue, son in law Voytek and grandchildren Ellen, Joseph and Sebastian, will be holding a short service for her in Cheltenham (Ellen remotely, as she is living and working in South Korea) on 30 April. They hope to return Doreen’s ashes to St Andrew’s to join those of her late husband John, once the restrictions caused by COVID 19 are lifted.  Sue wishes to thank Doreen’s neighbours and friends in Eastern Green for their support and friendship to Doreen over the years, and for their kind wishes at this time. 

Supporting Mental Health

Please find attached the fourth in our series on coping with lockdown, with a focus on how to answer the question ‘how are you?’ truthfully. Click here DAY FOUR

Domestic Violence

Did you know that if you ring 999 and then 55, it is a way of alerting the police to your being under threat without having to speak to them.


To Steve Wankling whose birthday it is today.


Do keep letting us know if you are aware of anyone celebrating a birthday so that we can congratulate them.

Food shopping

A reminder that we are here to shop! Please don’t wait until the cupboards are bare to ask for help.   A couple of days’ notice would be helpful. Please contact Julie for assistance on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk

Children’s Activity Sheet

Click here for the Children’s Activity Sheet 03-may-2020-childrens-sheet

For your prayers

Mike and Jackie Lynch.   Mike began chemotherapy and radiotherapy last Monday and has been very sick. He is now home from hospital, but please continue to pray. Pray also for Brenda Lawrence. Although Brenda appears to have fought off the corona virus and is likely to be discharged into a care home in Ash Green, her recent falls appear to have knocked all fight out of her.

Pat Dove (Ann and Frank’s sister-in law) who had a stroke on Saturday. Please pray for her recovery.

Romans 8.38-39 tells us “We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. I am convinced that neither death nor life, angels nor demons…nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

Thanks to Jayne Nye for those words.