Bulletin – 8th June 2020

Church Bulletin

Fran had some wonderful news on Friday.  A couple of weeks ago, a cardiologist had told her that she had calcification of the coronary artery and that this would necessitate an urgent heart bypass operation. However, the angiogram on Friday, revealed that the calcification of her artery was on the outside, not the inside and that no further treatment was necessary. In simple terms, this was an answer to prayer and we are both incredibly grateful to all those who prayed.  However, during this time when we are asking members of the congregation to talk honestly about their prayer lives, it seems important to tell the whole truth. It is true that several times I prayed with her that the angiogram would bring positive news and that the bypass would be avoided. However, each time I prayed that prayer I realized that I didn’t really believe it; and yet felt compelled to pray it anyway.  This is what the Bible means by the faith of a mustard seed – not necessarily enough faith to believe something will happen, but enough faith to pray the prayer anyway.

Sunday morning

Thanks to all contributors to the Sunday morning service, including Lesley, Victoria, Di, Dan and Charley. And of course Steve Martin for weaving it all together so seamlessly. This is the body of Christ at work, each doing their own part, each part in need of the others.

Prayer Testimonies

We are grateful to those who have bravely shared a small insight into their prayer lives as a means of inspiring others to pray.  We are looking for anyone who can use a phone to record themselves who is willing to speak briefly about their prayer lives and be honest about the joys and challenges of it.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Lesley Lee at lesleylee4@hotmail.co.uk

Weds gathering

At our Weds morning meeting (via zoom), Dan will be helping us explore the first part of Romans chapter 8.  The access details for this are always the same, please contact Greg if you need this.


Do remember to let us know if you know of any members of the church family who are celebrating birthdays in June.

Open Heaven

Thanks to all those who have volunteered to prayer walk the streets of Allesley Green and Eastern Green. All streets in Allesley Green have now been taken, but there are a few in Eastern Green waiting to be claimed, including Morgans Road, Orchard Drive, Garrick Close, Rodway Drive and Coniston Drive. You can claim roads for yourself or let us know and we will claim them for you.  You only need to walk the street once any day in June. Don’t forget to let us know when you have done your praying!

Opening the Church

It seems likely that the church will be open for private prayer only from next Monday. We will publish further details about this later in the week.

Food shopping

A reminder that we are here to shop! Please don’t wait until the cupboards are bare to ask for help.  A couple of days’ notice would be helpful.  Please contact Julie for assistance on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150.6