Bulletin – 8th July 2020

Church Bulletin

I have just reread my last message to you. I wonder how many spotted the deliberate mistake: attributing the encouragement to be in the world by not of it to St Paul? These, of course, are words spoken by Jesus in John’s gospel. I must be tired and I apologise. It reminds me how scripture can be misremembered and then misquoted. Perhaps the most famous example is: “The sun shines on the righteous” when in fact the Bible actually says “The sun shines on the righteous and the unrighteous” which has pretty much the opposite meaning and also happens to be truer! Much of the time, no harm is done. But there are times, when Scripture is misquoted or quoted out of context and it’s used to discourage and condemn. The best remedy for avoiding this: to read, mark and inwardly digest as much of the Bible as we can. I think that was St Paul!

Communion on Sunday

For the first time in nearly four months, we will be administering Holy Communion on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. As before, this will be by invitation only. It will not look like the communion services we all remember. The Priest (Greg on this occasion) will distribute bread only to members who will remain in their seats. No words will be spoken at the moment of distribution. The Peace will be shared without making physical contact. We may continue to be conscious more of what is different than grateful for what has been restored. I have refrained from taking bread and wine over the last four months, although along with Lynnette and Phil, I am legally allowed to do so. I have done this because it has seemed right to abstain while others have been deprived. But now, while you might think the same principle could apply, I would hope that those who are not able to join us will rejoice that these holy mysteries are once more being celebrated by God’s people in His church.

Volunteer drivers

We have been overwhelmed by offers to deliver breakfast parcels to hungry families in Tile Hill. People’s generosity and willingness to help others in need is truly humbling. Thanks to Julie who is having to work hard to process all the volunteers. Because of the volume of the response, we are pressing pause on the request and not looking for anyone else to come forward at this stage.


From David & Frances Hawkey who were in touch yesterday and asked to be remembered to their many friends at St Andrews.


To Andy and Tracey Tidmarsh upon becoming grandparents for the first time. Baby Rosie was born to Hannah, who was a member of children’s church when I first arrived at St Andrews. How time flies!

Please pray for

Continue to pray for the Smith family. Fran and Greg’s eldest son is getting married on July 18th at St Andrews. A lot to plan and sort out at very short notice!

We are not reciting the Creed at the moment. It’s worth being reminded of its great claims:

We believe in one God,

The Father, the Almighty

Maker of heaven and earth

Of all that is, seen and unseen.