Bulletin – 13th July 2020

Church Bulletin

Week two back in church felt much better than week one. I find myself wondering why they might have been. There are three factors that occur to me. First, we celebrated the communion (the first time in 4 months for me). Though there are many who are missing out on this, and it wasn’t communion as we remember it, we were once more participating in that age-old mystery. Secondly, people seemed to join in better, lending a bit of volume to the responses, which meant at last we weren’t just talking into a camera wondering whether anyone was listening. Finally, perhaps we had succeeded in lowering our own expectations. However much one might prepare oneself, it’s difficult not to compare worship with the last time we were in church. If the last time, the church was full and everyone was singing, then it’s bound to feel flat, whereas if the last time, there were only 15 people and we didn’t even have communion, then suddenly it feels as though we’re going in the right direction!

Communion on Sundays

We remain very limited as to who we can invite to share a live Sunday service with us as long as restrictions still apply. However, gradually, we do want to extend this opportunity to all. If you would like to come, do let us know. You may have to wait 2 or 3 weeks before we can fit you in, but we would like to give that opportunity to everyone who is ready to venture out. It is a much more efficient use of time if you let us know than if we have to ring you! Do contact Julie on administrator@standrews-eg.org or 07756 918847 to let us know

Lap tops

Tile Hill Community Partnership have launched a new project to supply laptops to children without access to IT at home and therefore the school curriculum as well as older isolated people. If you have a second-hand lap top that is no longer in use and are able to restore it to its factory settings, please consider donating it to this project. Machines can be brought to the Vicarage. We will get them PAT tested and distribute them to those in need across the area. We have already raised £6,000 for this project and have purchased 10 new lap tops along with connectivity bundles for children in schools across the local area. Photo above depicts presentation of 6 new machines to Westwood Academy.

Weds gathering

Please join us for the third instalment of our series on St Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (chapter 1.18-23), a reminder of the incomparably great power at work within us. Please contact Greg if you need the link.

Volunteer packers

We have been overwhelmed by generous offers to deliver breakfast parcels to hungry families in Tile Hill. People’s willingness to help others in need is truly humbling. We think we have sufficient drivers now. However, we have been asked whether we can recruit volunteers to help pack the breakfast boxes ready for delivery. You would be required for 2-3 hours on either a Monday or Wednesday afternoon. If you’re willing and able to volunteer for this, please contact Julie on administrator@standrews-eg.org or 07756 918847

Please pray for

Ted Drayton who begins chemotherapy on Wednesday.

“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” Isaiah 40