Bulletin – 15th July 2020

Church Bulletin

My future daughter-in-law’s wedding dress has arrived just a week before her wedding. The only problem being that she has lost a few pounds since the original fitting and there is no chance of a second fitting under the current restrictions. At the time of writing, it still seems likely she will walk down the aisle on Saturday in a nice red dress instead. Given that her dad is not allowed to accompany her on the short walk that is St Andrew’s aisle, perhaps it’s not important. Interestingly, however, the Bible has quite a lot to say about wedding attire. A parable in Luke 14 suggests we might be thrown out of heaven if we aren’t wearing our best wedding suits and Revelation 21 goes further to say that Heaven is like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Those references point to Jesus whose bride the Church is. It’s Him we need. Sounds like the start of a good wedding sermon!

Communion on Sundays

Julie has taken over responsibility for issuing invitations (at Greg’s direction) to communion services on Sundays. If you find a message on your answer machine, please respond immediately or you will lose your place. If you are coming, please arrive promptly (doors will be shut at 10 a.m.). We are not yet requiring face masks, but please observe social distancing at all times and confine conversing with friends to outside. If you would like to join us do contact Julie on administrator@standrews-eg.org or 07756 918847 to let us know

Lap tops

We are pleased with the response to our laptop appeal. BBC CWR radio picked up on this and featured it on Monday morning. We have now had offers from afar a field as Leamington. If you have a laptop you are no longer using, please restore it to factory settings and drop off at the Vicarage. These are being distributed to children and families who don’t have access to the internet and to older people who might otherwise experience social isolation. We have already delivered 6 new machines to Westwood Academy and will be delivering 4 more to Our Lady of the Assumption School this lunch time. We are also immensely grateful to the Allesley Green Residents Association for an offer of £250 towards the project.

Volunteer packers

We have been overwhelmed by generous offers to deliver breakfast parcels to hungry families in Tile Hill. People’s willingness to help others in need is truly humbling. We think we have sufficient drivers now. However, we have been asked whether we can recruit volunteers to help pack the breakfast boxes ready for delivery. You would be required for 2-3 hours on either a Monday or Wednesday afternoon. If you’re willing and able to volunteer for this, please contact Julie on administrator@standrews-eg.org or 07756 918847


We are very grateful for some sizeable donations that have arrived in recent weeks; and for those who have been saving up their collection contributions until they are able to attend church. On Monday evening, the PCC reviewed our current financial situation. We are still projecting a large deficit for the year; and would therefore be hugely grateful for any further assistance that friends might be able to provide.

Please pray for

Ted Drayton who begins chemotherapy today.

“God did not say ‘you will not be tempest-tossed’, but ‘you will never be overcome’”

Julian of Norwich