Bulletin – 27th July 2020

Church Bulletin

A week in Wales meant an extended period of time spent with our grandson, Athan, now 14 months old. I won’t bore you with tales of how wonderful he is or how much hard work he is! However, one interaction with him seems instructive. I took to using the dining room for prayer each morning, while he had his breakfast in the living room. Each morning, after his breakfast, the dining room door would swing open, little feet pattered in and a beaming smile greeted me. Satisfied that I was where he was expecting me to be, he chuckled and left me to my prayers. That encounter brought a smile to my face and gave me what I needed for the day ahead. I do think this is rather how prayer works. Us checking in on God and God checking in on us; beaming at each other, glad of each other’s presence in the world and encouraged for the challenges of the day ahead.

Communion on Sundays

Julie continues to issue invitations (at Greg’s direction) to communion services on Sundays. If you find a message on your answer machine, please respond immediately. We had empty pews on Sunday, which was a great shame. If you accept an invitation, please do attend or let us know at the earliest opportunity if you can’t. In the same way, if you are invited and would like to come, please accept the invitation. It is a lot of work trying to fill places and this Sunday we weren’t entirely successful. If you would like to join us do contact Julie on administrator@standrews-eg.org or 07756 918847

Weds Gathering

We continue our series on Ephesians on Wednesday mornings, reaching Ephesians 2.13-22 this Wednesday at 10 a.m. Greg will be leading us in a study on this passage. This can be accessed via zoom. Please contact Greg if you need the link.

Lap tops

We continue to be pleased to receive second-hand laptops at the Vicarage, which will be distributed to those in need throughout the area. Some of you may have seen the article in the Coventry Telegraph, highlighting the presentation to Westwood Academy.

Remembrance Garden

A couple of years ago, a Remembrance Garden was established at St Andrew’s School in memory of Brandon Gurney, a six year-old who died very suddenly in the parish. His mum, Louise, has been tending the garden in the years since, but is soon to begin a degree course in London. The school, therefore, is looking for a volunteer to look after the garden. This need not be an onerous task, but might be one to cement links between church and school. Please speak to Greg or Paul Chylinski thechillos@gmail.com to find out more

Sad News

We are sorry to announce the news of the death of Bette Thorpe at the age of 91. Bette was a stalwart of Lunch n Chat over many years and will be much missed by family and friends. Her funeral takes place at Canley crematorium next Monday.

Please pray for

Our Children’s Council which meets online tonight to plan how best we can support our children through difficult times. Continued prayers for Ted Drayton. Thanks and continued prayers for Mike Lynch who maintains a slow recovery from radiotherapy.

“I pray that you may grasp how wide and long and high and deep is love of Christ” Eph 3.17-18