Bulletin – 31st July 2020

Church Bulletin

Many thanks to all those who kindly enquired about the wedding of my eldest son and now daughter-in-law! It was a strange and yet wonderful day. Nothing like we imagined when the date was first set 15 months ago, anticipating hundreds of guests, a posh reception and all the frills you’d associate with a wedding. In the event, there were just 14 adults (including bride, groom and Vicar) and 4 children. The reception in our garden afterwards was blessed with enough warmth to make it work. Two of the children belonged to my son’s best friends; and since the other two children were my grandchildren and everyone in the family refers to me as ‘grandad’ so as not to confuse our grandchildren, it wasn’t long before one of the other children was also calling me ‘grandad’. He was only three, so it seemed too much like hard work to explain his mistake. I am reminded of the incident in Acts 19 when the sons of Sceva attempt to drive out an evil spirit but fail because the spirit realises that these men are talking about Jesus but don’t actually know him for themselves. There’s a sermon there.

Birthday Congratulations

Many congratulations to Greg Smith who celebrates his 60th birthday today.

Special Services

On Aug 9th, we are inviting members of the Weds congregation to the Sunday service. The service will be the same kind of service that we have been offering since returning to church, but the fellowship will be one that Wednesday people know and love. On Sunday Aug 30th, in place of our communion service, we will be offering a service aimed at families on the theme of Daniel in the Lions Den, looking to prepare our children for their return to school. This is by invitation only, but if you know any children (families) who might like to attend, please let us know.

Giving by envelope

Some of you have been saving your envelopes for the church collection. In some cases, this has meant a considerable amount of money lying around in people’s homes. If you are concerned about this, we will happily arrange for them to be collected. In the same way, because of when lockdown struck, some people were unable to pick up their giving envelopes and have had nowhere to put their donations. Again, we are happy to drop these off to anyone who requests them. Just let us know.

Pantomime read through

Just for a bit of fun, we will be reading through (via zoom) a version of Cinderella, the pantomime next Tuesday August 4th at 7.30. If you would like to join us, let Greg know and he will send you a script in advance.

Remembrance Garden

A couple of years ago, a Remembrance Garden was established at St Andrew’s School in memory of Brandon Gurney, a six year-old who died very suddenly in the parish. His mum, Louise, has been tending the garden in the years since, but is soon to begin a degree course in London. The school, therefore, is looking for a volunteer to look after the garden. This need not be an onerous task but might be one to cement links between church and school. Please speak to Greg or Paul Chylinski thechillos@gmail.com to find out more

Greg & Fran’s Day off

Now that things have quietened down, Greg and Fran will return to having Friday’s as their rest day. Please respect this.

Please pray for

Ted Drayton who begins chemotherapy on Aug 12th and for Guy Aspinall who is very poorly.

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84