Bulletin – 6th August 2020

Church Bulletin

I had the privilege of taking Bette Thorpe’s funeral this week. Bette has lived in Eastern Green six decades, so many of you will know her. We got to know her at St Andrew’s through Lunch n Chat after her husband Bill died 5 ½ years ago. She came in the first instance for the company (she was never happier than when she was with others) but was soon involved in helping run the group. Despite being in her late 80s (she was 91 when she died), she brought in home made soup or apple pies and would often be found in the kitchen washing-up. As I reflect on her life, it strikes me how typical she is of the people of Eastern Green. Many have come to this part of the world from the four corners of the UK, but having pitched up here, by their willingness to think first of others, they have been the glue keeping the community together. This is the true Christian calling. How much we need such people during these times.

Face Masks

In line with the latest government guidance, face masks will be required by anyone attending church in the coming months. However, those speaking at the service, reading, preaching etc. will not be required to wear them. We will also continue to limit numbers attending by ensuring attendance is by invitation only and thereby maintain social distancing.


To Liz and Chris Reed who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Wednesday; and to Fran Smith who celebrates her birthday on Friday.

Pantomime read through

We had great fun at our read through of Cinderella. Steve Wankling and John Ross-Barnard make wonderful ugly sisters. And I do hope they find a man soon!

Remembrance Garden

A couple of years ago, a Remembrance Garden was established at St Andrew’s School in memory of Brandon Gurney, a six year-old who died very suddenly in the parish. His mum, Louise, has been tending the garden in the years since, but is soon to begin a degree course in London. The school, therefore, is looking for a volunteer to look after the garden. This need not be an onerous task but might be one to cement links between church and school. Please speak to Greg or Paul Chylinski thechillos@gmail.com to find out more


The PCC have agreed that it would be good to have a compost heap in the churchyard, but this needs a degree of management, ensuring the right ingredients are added at the right time. Would anyone like to take responsibility for this or do you know anyone who might like this job? Please let Greg or Paul Crowe know if you’re interested.

Emma Wildman

Following her extended furlough, Emma Wildman has returned to work as our Youth Worker. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our youth work, Emma can be contacted at standrewscovyouth@gmail.com or 07969 066979

Please pray for

Natalie Chylinski, who has done a magnificent job of running our food hub over the last three months, but has just been made redundant. Pray also for Ted Drayton who starts chemotherapy next week.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Isaiah 40.31