Bulletin – 14th August 2020

Church Bulletin

There’s a long list of things you wouldn’t want to be doing when the weather is as hot as it has been this week, reaching 35 degrees according to my car thermometer. Pretty much anything involving physical activity is painful when the heat is like a physical barrier. Even more inappropriate however was my choosing the middle of a heat wave to acquire a fire guard. You may laugh, but as mad as it sounds when winter comes and the Smith family are cosily being warmed by the log fire, safe in the knowledge that the grandchildren can’t hurt themselves, we will be the ones laughing then! Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt as described in the book of Genesis was based on a supernatural understanding of what the future held. In a time of plenty, he built great stores of grain for when the famine struck. In the same way, Scripture encourages us to store up treasures for the future, but for a future not on earth but in Heaven. Who will be laughing then?

Face Masks

In line with the latest government guidance, face masks will be required by anyone attending church in the coming months. However, those speaking at the service, reading, preaching etc. will not be required to wear them. Don’t worry if you get half way to church and realize you have forgotten your mask, one can be provided. The good news is that masks are not required at online services!

Attending Church

A reminder that you should only turn up for church on Sunday mornings if you have been invited (do ask for an invitation if you want one!) If you have been invited and have accepted and are subsequently unable to come, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.


To Laura Martin on passing her A levels and securing a place at Reading University. Also to Diane and Gary Wilson on thirty years of marriage. And to Nathan and Rachel Watts on the birth of baby Daphne, a first granddaughter for Alison and Stuart and niece for Charley.


The date of the church’s annual meeting has been set for Monday Sept 7th via zoom (details to follow). If you would normally provide a written report for the AGM, please send this to Julie asap. There are still a small handful of people who have not yet joined the electoral roll. It would be enormously helpful if everyone did so. Please contact Greg or Lesley Harrison in order to get a form.


The PCC have agreed that it would be good to have a compost heap in the churchyard, but this needs a degree of management, ensuring the right ingredients are added at the right time. Would anyone like to take responsibility for this or do you know anyone who might like this job? Please let Greg or Paul Crowe know if you’re interested.

Shoebox Appeal

Teams4u are a shoebox Charity  sending boxes mainly to Romania and Belarus. This year we are sending boxes. If anyone has spare shoe boxes, paper, card, toys for children (boy or girl age 5/ 12 plus) we would be pleased to receive them if you think it will fit in a box. Please contact Glen Duggins, telephone 024 7646 1206. Please leave a message if I’m not in. Do have a look at Teams4u web site https://teams4u.com/shoebox-guide/

Children’s Sheet

Please pray for

Ted Drayton, Mike Lynch, Marilyn Starr and Guy Aspinall and any others known to you who need God’s healing touch.


One way of remembering what Grace is and does: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense (thanks to Jeremy Thomas for this)