Covid-19 Update

Please be aware that the Covid infection rate is on the rise in the city. During the week of 2nd-9th August, the rate of infection detected was 15 per 100,000, higher than Nuneaton or other parts of Warwickshire, but still considerably lower than places that have gone into lockdown e.g. Leicester. Nonetheless, given that infections had almost disappeared altogether 4 weeks earlier, this is a cause for concern.

It is probably as important to know where infections aren’t being passed on as where they are. The north and east of the city seem to be hotspots while the east and south are much safer (this can very quickly change). New infections are predominantly among young white adults and the most popular way of covid being passed on is in larger family gatherings. There is not a single example of the virus being passed on in a place of worship (church or mosque).

If you have any concerns that a particular shop or venue is not covid safe, please email me on or contact the City Council direct

Greg Smith

Community Champion Eastern Green (not my choice of title!)