Bulletin – 21st August 2020

Church Bulletin

My masculinity was severely challenged this week. Let me tell you what happened. On Monday, we had to visit the vets in a dire emergency when our beautiful (but rather stupid) West Highland Terrier managed to get two inches of rose stem stuck in the back of her throat. Picture the scene. We are stood outside the vets in Solihull (that’s another long story) waiting for the door to open and for our dog’s name to be called. Also waiting is a heavily tattooed male with his partner, her head shaven and also with tattoos. Eventually, the door opens and vet calls out ‘Psycho! Is Psycho here?’ The man takes his bull terrier forward for treatment. A few minutes later, the door opens again and the vet looks at the bearded gentleman holding a large pink umbrella and calls for ‘Daisy’.  I felt as though I should have dropped to the floor and done a few push-ups to demonstrate my manliness, but I didn’t have the energy. I console myself with the thought that when the Bible has a choice of Old Testament characters to compare Jesus with, such as Samson the strong man and Gideon the warrior, it most often chooses Moses, the old fella, who when asked to go and confront Pharaoh said: “can’t you send my brother instead”. We may enjoy films like Gladiator and Die Hard, but it’s Jesus who changed the world.

Covid update

At yesterday’s covid briefing, a further increase in covid cases across the city was reported. We are still well below the levels seen in places like Leicester where a renewed lockdown has been necessary, but vigilance is required. Council staff were especially appreciative to hear reports of shops in Jardine Crescent where face masks are not being worn. Only locals have this kind of knowledge. Passing it on is a contribution to keeping us all safe.

Phone lines

Please note that the Vicarage and farm telephone lines are currently down (this may or may not be connected). If you need to speak to Greg, please call him on his mobile on 07902 794653 or email and he will call you. If you have left a message on his answer machine in the last few days, he may not have received it. The phone will sound like it is ringing and working normally, but it’s not!

Sponsored Walk

Please note that a number of people from the church will be walking the Coventry Canal from Atherstone to the canal basin, a stretch of approximately 24 miles. There will be plenty of opportunities along the way to join the walkers to complete a shorter (2-3 mile) stretch. Do get in touch with Greg or Veronika if you would like to join us.


The date of the church’s annual meeting has been set for Monday Sept 7th at 7.30 p.m. via zoom (details to follow). If you would normally provide a written report for the AGM, please send this to Julie asap. There are still a small handful of people who have not yet joined the electoral roll. It would be enormously helpful if everyone did so. Please contact Greg or Lesley Harrison in order to get a form. The APCM agenda and the minutes from last year’s meeting are enclosed.


To Linda and Paul Chylinski who celebrate their sapphire wedding anniversary (45 years) this Sunday.

Please pray for

Ted Drayton who has started chemotherapy, Marilyn Starr awaiting surgery and Barbara Warner who has recently been discharged from hospital but continues to suffer with breathing difficulties. Give thanks for Mike Lynch’s slow but steady improvement.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3.5

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