Bulletin – 14th September 2020

Church Bulletin

We do miss our neighbours Charles and Jill. Charles, who died 15 months ago and Jill who moved south to be nearer family later that year. One of the many things I miss is Charles turning up on our doorstep with a carrier bag of fruit that he had picked from our garden. He assured us that in my predecessor’s day, Charles had planted fruit trees in our garden that he would tend and ensure we got our fair share of fruit: three varieties of apples. I wonder what he’d make of this year. Never have I seen fruit like it, abundance that makes me want to break into a Keats’ poem. We must have had just the right combination of rain and sunshine at just the right times, all resulting in an explosion of fruitfulness. It’s hard not to make a link with the lockdown. Nature (God’s creation) has been left to its own devices this year and seems to have thrived. God is described in John 15 as a gardener. It is not clear to me that any of our attempts to breed new seeds, research new fertilisers or implement new farming techniques has improved on what happens without any human interference. God is in the business of fruitfulness!


Apologies for missing John Ross-Barnard off the list of those elected to the PCC at our APCM last week. His loyal service, along with other PCC members is much appreciated.

The Joy of Six

Church services are not affected by the new rule limiting social gatherings to six. Although we much enjoy the social dimension of church, the primary purpose of coming together remains to worship God.

Light Lunch

We are going to relaunch Light Lunch later in this month on Thursday afternoons at the Village Hall. This group is for those who have been recently bereaved. Attendance at the group will be by invitation only, but if you know someone who might like to join us, do let Lynnette Clarke or Sue Masters know.

Sponsored Walk

A small party from St Andrews will be walking along Coventry Canal on Saturday Oct 3rd to raise funds for the church that it might continue its ministry in the community as the impact of the corona virus continues to be felt. You are welcome to join us to complete a three mile stage (please let us know so that we can ensure any group is kept to a maximum of 6). Please do sponsor us if you can. You can do this by a direct bank transfer to St Andrews Church, sort code 40-18-37, account number 91162098 or by visiting our Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/greg-smith-4?utm_term=vy7EkNkbV or simply by posting a donation through the Vicarage door. All contributions gratefully received.

Building our Faith

We are planning a Wednesday evening group for the Autumn which will be an opportunity to come together to look at the Bible, and to build our faith.  There will be a brief talk and then space to discuss the topic for that evening, points raised in the talk and any related questions people have. It will be a place to explore, to learn and to build our faith together.

Access details are available from Sue Masters.

If you are interested, have questions, need more information please contact me.

Sue Masters



Please pray

For Rock Solid which relaunched online yesterday and for all our work with young people and Jill Pinks and Lesley Lee with their health challenges


To Kirstie Smith and Diane Wilson who celebrate birthdays this week.

“Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him, that his glory may dwell in our land”