Bulletin – 18th September 2020

Church Bulletin

The government have issued the small matter of 489 guidance documents on Covid-19 related issues since the pandemic outbreak. It is therefore no wonder that I am having to field queries from colleagues as to whether this is permissible or not. Where I am clear about the rules, I am committed to keeping them. Thus, our grandson and his parents will not be visiting our house after his Baptism on Sunday because together with our other son and his wife who live with us, that makes seven. However, in other cases I fear the guidelines are so difficult to follow that it will be left to an individual police officer to decide whether Forest Church (that is a real thing) constitutes worship and is therefore exempt or is social and should be dispersed. I am reminded that when Moses came down from the mountain, all of God’s laws were recorded on two tablets of stone. By the time of the exile, many hundreds of religious laws had been added. Do not Murder still seems like it’s important. Do not eat shellfish sounds like it might just be something man made up! I wonder how many of the current laws and guidance documents will still seem sensible in a couple of year’s time?

Attendance at Church

Managing attendance at church remains a huge challenge for Julie and Greg. Please understand what a relief it is when someone phones up and asks to come rather than us having to phone round. We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who would be prepared to go on the short-notice list (i.e. would be happy to receive a message on Saturday afternoon/evening and would be likely to be able to attend on Sunday morning)

Light Lunch

We are going to relaunch Light Lunch later in this month on Thursday afternoons at the Village Hall. This group is for those who have been recently bereaved. Attendance at the group will be by invitation only, but if you know someone who might like to join us, do let Lynnette Clarke or Sue Masters know.


Some of our church members will have received a letter inviting you to join our new Parish Giving Scheme. If you haven’t already applied to join the new scheme, please give this your prayerful consideration. If you would like to join the Scheme but have never received an application form, or misplaced the one posted to you, please contact Julie, our Parish Administrator.

Sponsored Walk

A small party from St Andrews will be walking along Coventry Canal on Saturday Oct 3rd to raise funds for the church that it might continue its ministry in the community as the impact of the corona virus continues to be felt. You are welcome to join us to complete a three mile stage (please let us know so that we can ensure any group is kept to a maximum of 6). Please do sponsor us if you can. You can do this by a direct bank transfer to St Andrews Church, sort code 40-18-37, account number 91162098, putting “sponsorship” as your reference or by visiting our Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/greg-smith-4?utm_term=vy7EkNkbV or simply by posting a donation through the Vicarage door. All contributions gratefully received. We are very grateful for the sponsorship already received (over £300 to date). Please keep your gifts coming.

Building our Faith

Eleven people attended the first Building our Faith meeting on Wednesday. You are still very welcome to join even if you missed week 1. The access details are the same:

Meeting ID 812 4505 0020

Password 295068

Any questions, please contact Sue Masters 07958322026 susanmasters@sky.com

Please pray

For Natasha, aged 5, who is having a plate inserted in her head on Monday. And for her naturally anxious family. We continue to pray for Ted Drayton.


To Athan Smith being baptised on Sunday and to Alan & Marian Letton, who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this week.

“Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall rise up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not grow faint” Isaiah 40.31

Thanks to Elizabeth Cuthbert for reminding us of that promise.