Bulletin – 16th November 2020

Church Bulletin

My grandson, Athan, has now turned 18 months. He has developed a personality that is largely sunny in disposition if very loud. Inevitably, grandad and grandma find themselves comparing him to other children of the same age. We can’t help noting with some concern that his vocabulary is very limited. He has not yet managed (so far as we can tell) mamma or dadda. However, there is nothing wrong with his vocal chords since morning, noon and night, he barks out incomprehensible instructions. For all we know, he may be quite fluent in Danish! It causes a reflective grandad to ask the question what is speech for? At the age of 18 months, surely it is a means to get what you want. Athan seems to have discovered more kinetic ways of achieving this. If he wants milk, he just grabs mum’s t-shirt and pulls it up, pretty much helping himself. If he wants a toy, he marches up to grandad, takes him by the hand and leads him to it. And if he wants cake, he takes grandma through to the kitchen and then stares meaningfully up at the cupboard. For us, the primary purpose of speech is not to get what we want, but to articulate our praise of God. Many of us like to do that with the aid of a tune, but if this is denied us, still we must use our voices to proclaim “Praise my soul the King of Heaven”!

Sad News

We regret to announce the death of Jean Selby, who was a regular member of the Wednesday congregation for many years before she moved away to be closer to her family.


We are delighted to welcome Rebecca and Abi, two Nexus students who have joined the St Andy’s/St Andrew’s family. Both are singers, Rebecca from Northern Ireland and Abi from Nottinghamshire. When you meet them in the flesh (or virtually) please extend them a warm welcome.


Despite Covid restrictions, it is still our intention to collect toys this year for Christmas. They will be distributed via the Family Centre in Tile Hill to children in the area who might otherwise go without (not least those whose families have lost jobs through lockdown). The centre currently have 100 children on their books that they are trying to support. As always, we will ask you to bring only new toys, unwrapped, and place them under the Christmas tree. Covid rules mean that we will only open the church between Thurs 3rd Dec through to Sunday 6th December for toys to be brought.

Building our Faith

Below are the dates for the rest of the year for the Building our Faith Wednesday Group (7.30pm). Please contact Sue Masters on 07958 322026 if you need the access codes.



18 November

Worship & Praise

25 November

Worship & Learning

2 December


9 December


16 December


Operation Christmas Child

The ‘Shoebox Appeal’, has been delayed due to the Covid lockdown etc. Shoeboxes will now need to be ready for collection between 5th and 14th December 2020. If you wish to put shoeboxes together, they can be dropped off at church and I will take them into the collection centre. Julia McNaney.

Safeguarding Training

If you are a church volunteer, member of the PCC or have any role within the church, please ensure that you complete course C0 (mandatory – only needs to be completed once) and C1 (depending on your role – requires completion every 3 years) which are both now available online at http://www.dioceseofcoventry.org/SafeguardingTraining. Please send Julie a copy of the completion certificate once you have completed a course. If you have are unsure whether you need to complete a course please contact Julie on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk

Live Streaming

The PCC are committed to enabling St Andrew’s to become a church that is able to live stream its worship (we are the only church in the deanery not able to do this). This will enable us to broadcast our Sunday services live as well as enabling weddings and funerals to be relayed all over the world. However, to do this well comes at a cost. We now have a quote of £6,800. It is our intention to apply for a grant application to meet some of this cost, but it is unlikely that we would be successful in raising the whole amount. We hope that if we were able to present to the grant makers a church congregation that had committed itself to meeting half the cost, they would look favourably upon meeting the other half. Accordingly, we are inviting to make a pledge towards the cost. There is no need to send money at this stage (probably next Spring before we are able to move forward) and if your financial circumstances changed, we wouldn’t hold you to account! Please consider and pray carefully. To raise £4,000, we need 80 people to pledge £50 or 40 people £100. It’s a big ask, but your generosity has manifested itself time and again; and I’m sure you’d agree it’s an important cause.

Ted’s Funeral

Ted Drayton’s funeral was recorded and may be viewed by visiting www.obitus.com before December 7th. The log in details are: username Saze5303 and password 244138. A wonderful eulogy given by the children and music to make one smile.

Please Pray

For Beryl Lee, discharged from hospital but not well enough to go home; for Marilyn Starr undergoing cancer treatment, for Peter Shale who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and for Bryan Walker who though home from hospital is still quite poorly. Pray for our Worship Committee meeting tonight to further plans for Christmas.