Bulletin – 20th November 2020

Church Bulletin

I remember years ago being in Sainsburys, helping Fran to fill the trolley and her sending me off to the far end of the store to get some toilet rolls (apparently this task currently involves having to knock people down to get to the last pack) and my asking her what colour to get? She shouted after me to just make sure they matched the colours in the bathroom. I wondered why after 25 years of marriage (at that point) she still imagined I had any idea what our bathroom looked like? I got white in the hope that they would match anything. I was reminded of that incident this week when I found myself recording two bits of Sunday’s service on different days. I was aware of the importance of continuity, so determined to wear the same outer clothes on both days. However, when I watched the footage back, I realised I had dismally failed in this simple task (see if you can spot the error on Sunday). I’m probably never going to be much good when it comes to remembering colour, but Jesus does encourage us to notice the world around us. Many of his parables assume his audience is familiar with the world he is referencing, that they have noticed the things he brings into his stories. Consider the lilies. It’s good to notice the world around us. After all, He made it!

Sad News

We regret to announce the death of Colin Bullas, who will be known to some as the founder of Wilfirs in Eastern Green Road and a long-time supporter of the church and an attendee at Lunch n Chat after the death of his wife Mavis.

Corona Update

Coventry is still struggling to keep corona at bay. This includes Eastern Green, where the infection rate is higher than the national average. All this is in spite of the apparent reluctance of people to get a test in the city. Please do so if you have any symptoms.

Sponsored Walk

We are now able to share a final total for the sponsored walk, which four of us undertook on behalf of St Andrews in the driving rain at the beginning of last month. It is a staggering £2,951.35, far more than in any previous year. Thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously. We are now confident we can balance the books for the year, but anticipate another tough year ahead, with lockdown and social distancing still in force for the first part of the year at least.

Live Streaming

The PCC are committed to enabling St Andrews to become a church that is able to live stream its worship (we are the only church in the deanery not able to do this). This will enable us to broadcast our Sunday services live as well as enabling weddings and funerals to be relayed all over the world. However, to do this will comes at a cost. We now have a quote of £6,800. It is our intention to apply for a grant application to meet some of this cost, but it is unlikely that we would be successful in raising the whole amount. We hope that if we were able to present to the grant makers a church congregation that had committed itself to meeting half the cost, they would look favourably upon meeting the other half. Accordingly, we are inviting you to make a pledge towards the cost. There is no need to send money at this stage (probably next Spring before we are able to move forward) and if your financial circumstances changed, we wouldn’t hold you to account! Please consider and pray carefully. A similar appeal 10 years ago raised a larger amount to have the screens installed. We can do it again!

Safeguarding Training

If you are a church volunteer, member of the PCC or have any role within the church, please ensure that you complete course C0 (mandatory) and C1 (depending on your role) which are both now available online at http://www.dioceseofcoventry.org/SafeguardingTraining. Please send Julie a copy of the completion certificate once you have completed a course. If you have any queries please contact Julie on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk

Planning Application

The proposal to build 2,400 homes, plus old people’s home, primary school, shops and other facilities on the land between Eastern Green and the A45 is coming to planning committee on Thurs 26th November at 2 p.m. You are able to log in to this meeting if you wish. Please visit the council website to learn more. If you want to make a written submission to be read out at the meeting, please email governance.services@coventry.gov.uk

Book Club

The next Book Club meeting is on Monday 4th January 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom. The book we will be reading and discussing is THE RUTHLESS ELIMINATION OF HURRY, by John Mark Comer. The book’s focus is ‘How to stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive’ and addresses ‘the compelling emotional and spiritual case against hurry in favour of a slower, simpler way of life. Whether or not you have been thinking about this over the last year the book may help to focus on this.

We will meet on 4th to share our views on the book and to discuss some of the questions it raises for us. The group is open to all; if you have never been part of a book club this might be the time to give it a try. If you are interested in being part of the group please contact Sue Masters (07958 322026) or Greg Smith.

Foodbank Donations

To donate to Central foodbank, Sue Barnes is coordinating this so please contact her to drop off food at her house. Contact Sue at susanbarnes1960@outlook.com. If you are unable to give food you can also donate online here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/rddonate-checkout/

Operation Christmas Child

The ‘Shoebox Appeal’, has been delayed due to the Covid lockdown etc. Shoeboxes will now need to be ready for collection between 5th and 14th December 2020. If you wish to put shoeboxes together, they can be dropped off at church and I will take them into the collection centre. Julia McNaney.

Jigsaw Puzzles

We have many 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and some 500-piece puzzles which may be useful for people over the next few months. If you would like one please contact Julie on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk. If you are unable to collect a jigsaw please give me a call and I can arrange for one to be delivered to you.

Please Pray

For Beryl Lee, convalescing at a home in Keresley; for Marilyn Starr undergoing cancer treatment, for Peter Shale who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and for Bryan Walker who though home from hospital is still quite poorly. Please pray for Phil and Anne as they look for a new job down south.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” Galatians 5.1