Bulletin – 27th November 2020

Church Bulletin

And so perhaps not unsurprisingly from next week, Coventry will come out of lockdown only to find itself in Tier 3, with pubs and restaurants closed and mixing of households only allowed in parks (try getting a parking space at the Memorial Park!). However, you can go to the gym, get your hair done and most importantly (may I say?) attend church for live worship. I wonder if someone had asked you twelve months ago to predict what would and would not be allowed in post Covid lockdown how many of us could have guessed that particular combination? One way of looking at it is that we are being encouraged to keep our bodies feeling healthy and looking healthy while not neglecting to keep our spirits healthy. Of course, Scripture teaches us that these things are not unconnected. Good physical health leads to good mental health; and good spiritual health leads to good emotional health. Therefore, please do come and worship with us when you can. As the Psalmist says: “Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising You.”

Corona Update

Coming out of Tier 3 is almost entirely dependent on how well we abide by its rules and restrictions. It may only be for a couple of weeks. It’s frustrating to keep the rules and then see others ignoring them, but I would encourage you to be the solution you want to see!

Attending Church

There will be no in person services this Sunday, but there will be in the weeks that follow. Attendance will remain invitation only. We are fully booked on Dec 6th for our Toy Service but places on Dec 13th and Dec 20th may be reserved by contacting Julie on a first come, first served basis. As before, we urge you if you have an invitation not to forget and if you are suddenly unable to attend to let us know at the earliest possible moment. Face masks continue to be required. If you see anyone not wearing a face mask, it is because they have medical exemption. We are not allowing any other exception.

This Sunday

Please note that we are posting two services this Sunday to mark the start of Advent. There is our regular 10 a.m. service, which Greg is leading and at which Lynnette is preaching. There is also a Darkness to Light service pre-recorded by candlelight in the church and posted at 6 p.m. Many thanks to Vicky for the morning and Paul for the evening. Their technical wizardry is outstanding.

Toy Appeal

We are anticipating another fantastic response to our toy appeal. A reminder that we will not be able to accept late donations and that the final deadline for bringing toys to church will be 5 p.m. on Sunday Dec 6th. Thanks to Hilary for agreeing to help with the transport.

David and Frances Hawkey

A Christmas letter has just arrived from David & Frances. They send love and prayers to all the St Andrews folk. They sound in good spirits, despite not having been able to go to church for 8 months. They became great-grandparents for a second time this year, while David celebrated his 80th birthday. They say they miss us, and many of us still miss them.

Fundraising for Church

As those of you who know me, I enjoy crafting. I continued throughout the year hoping that we may be at some normal come the end of the year and that St Andrew’s Autumn/Christmas fayre would go ahead.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  I have therefore put together an online stall which can be found by using the link :  https://youtu.be/fmsKDEBrV90  

If you wish to purchase anything please contact me either by Tel 024 7646 1508 or email beccamartin@talktalk.net to arrange purchase and I can make delivery to the local area.

Many thanks for looking. Rebecca Martin

Operation Christmas Child

The ‘Shoebox Appeal’, has been delayed due to the Covid lockdown etc. Shoeboxes will now need to be ready for collection between 5th and 14th December 2020. If you wish to put shoeboxes together, they can be dropped off at church and I will take them into the collection centre. Julia McNaney.

Jigsaw Puzzles

We have many 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and some 500-piece puzzles which may be useful for people over the next few months. If you would like one please contact Julie on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk. If you are unable to collect a jigsaw please give me a call and I can arrange for one to be delivered to you.

Spam/Phishing Emails

If you receive the following email message, whether from church member, friend or family, with the subject heading Favour please ignore it:

How are you doing? Actually, I need a favour from you. I’d appreciate if you could email me back when you get this.

Thank you

Kind regards

Though the email address will look genuine, it will have been hacked and any response will not go to the intended recipient. If any doubt, please telephone, especially before parting with money or confidential information.

Paul Crowe has provided the further following information that people may find useful.

How to spot phishing guide 


What to do if your account is compromised (Microsoft based. This appears to be the current focus domain)


Example phishing email

Please also be aware of the scam whereby you receive an automated message advising that your internet will be disconnected due to illegal activity. The message sounds genuine but it is a scam.

Sad News

Some of you will remember Anthea (Lovell) and Norman Edwards who attended and were actively involved with St Andrew’s for many years, before moving to the Shetlands. Norman sadly passed away recently having contracted coronavirus. Anthea has also been ill with coronavirus but is recovering slowly. Norman’s funeral will take place on the 18th December, so please remember Anthea in your prayers at this difficult time. Nick Tooby.

Please Pray

For Beryl Lee, convalescing at a home in Keresley; for Peter Shale who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, for Marilyn Starr undergoing cancer treatment and for Bryan Walker who though home from hospital is still quite poorly. Please pray for all whose businesses and livelihoods are devasted by Tier 3 and other restrictions.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12