Bulletin – 11th January 2021

Church Bulletin

I was a big fan of the television series ‘Hustle’ that was retired a few years back. The show introduced us to a team of hustlers who would identify a mark and then con them out of a small fortune. The premise of the series was that the marks were all corrupt and venal, deserved what they were getting and were only victims because of their own greed and dishonesty. Meanwhile in the real world the much celebrated appearance of the vaccine has been accompanied by unscrupulous attempts to extort money by rogues purporting to have a vaccine for sale. The victims are not greedy and dishonest, but trusting and vulnerable. This is a heinous crime, with no redeeming features. Scripture encourages us in sundry places to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. There is no need to be over-anxious, but please do be careful.

Greg and Fran’s leaving service

The leaving service for Greg and Fran at St Andrews on Jan 24th in the morning is now full. If you are unable to take up your place, please do let us know as soon as possible. The evening service has been moved to St Martin’s Finham. It will still take place at 6.30 p.m. We have taken this decision because their capacity is slightly more and because they are much more experienced at streaming live services. We wanted to ensure that those watching at home had the best possible sense of being part of things. Directions to St Martin’s will be provided in the next bulletin.

Sunday Coffee

Sunday coffee gatherings via zoom will continue after Greg and Fran’s departure provided there is sufficient demand. The new access codes are available from the parish administrator or one of the church wardens.

Service collection and online gifts/donations

We trialled an online Christmas Church Collection page for our Christmas services this year and quite a few people used it to make their church collection / gift. The people I’ve spoken to have said they found it easy to find and use. We have decided that we will continue to offer this approach for people who attend our online services and normally give via the collection plate, or who may wish to make a donation to the work of the church. The attached link is the way to make a gift and this will also be included on the service link each week. Can I say thank you to everyone who continues to support the work of St Andrew’s Church your contributions are very much appreciated. Nick Tooby (Churchwarden).


Online Services Appeal – Enabling your church to offer online services

We are applying to organisations for grants to secure half the cost, but need to meet the other half from donations. If you feel that this is something you can support please make a donation via the link below. Thank you.



Thanks to the generosity of so many and the wise stewardship of our Treasurer, Clive, and the leadership team, St Andrew’s was able to break even in 2020. This happened in spite of the loss of wedding income, plate giving by irregular attenders and letting income. However, 2021 is likely to be as tough if not tougher. There seems no prospect of a return to full churches before the autumn and we know that we will be losing some generous givers in the coming days. If you haven’t automatically reviewed your giving at the outset of 2021, please do think carefully about whether you might be able to do so.

Sad News

We regret to announce that Marilyn Starr, a member of the St Andrews family for many years, died on Friday evening. Her funeral will be hosted by St Andrews. Do pray for her children, David & Lisa. Flix Haynes funeral will take place at Hampton in Arden on Monday 18th January, led by Greg. She too has a son and a daughter, Tim and Deb.


To Lily Kaczur who was nine years old yesterday.

Please Pray

Please pray for Ann Dove following her knee operation; Mike Lynch in hospital following a fall and hip replacement; for our overburdened health service and for the PCC which meets tonight.

Galatians 6.2 “carry each other’s burdens” Thanks to Veronika for drawing our attention to this verse.