Bulletin – 8th February 2021

Church Bulletin

Making Memories

For those of us with photographs stored on our phone apps we get flashbacks, where photos pop up from the past headed ‘this day 4 years ago’, this day five years ago, and so on. For us, almost all of them are of our granddaughter, and periodically from a holiday, remember them? Memories that we look at and laugh, or cry, or where we say do you remember that day? They remind us of the funny moments, the poignant moments, the special occasions and the everyday moments.

It made me quite emotional as I realised this week that another impact of COVID-19 is that we are not making memories in the same way. Not seeing those we love, or spending time with them and sharing special moments together; the memories not being made, the photographs not being taken. In a year or two the photographs that will come up will be of Dave and I looking scruffy on one of our walks. They are not as amusing or delicious as the ones of our granddaughter and will invoke different memories as we look back on them in years to come. There will also be a lot less of them as I don’t usually want my photo taken wearing a hat, on a bad hair day, or in muddy wellies.  Memory making curtailed like much else.

While there is a sadness in this, we remember that God doesn’t need a photo app to jog his memory of us, his children. Isaiah tells us God’s words ‘see I have engraved you on the palm of my hands’ (Isaiah 49:16) and Matthew gives us Jesus’ words: ‘And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered’ (Matthew 10: 30). While we may not be making photo opportunity memories, we are remembered by God. As we wait for the time when we can make more memories with those we love, we can be assured that God is with us in the restrictions of our current times and that we are treasured and loved by him. As we look back on this time there may be fewer photographs but God’s memory of who we are remains unchanged.

Sue Masters

 Covid Infection Rates

Infection rates for the city are still decreasing, however it is still crucial that we all continue to follow the guidelines in order to keep this downward trend going.

2 new community testing sites have been set up at the Xcel and AT7 leisure centres. These centres are for people showing no symptoms of covid. Results of tests are available within an hour. For further information visit www.coventry.gov.uk/coronavirus or call 08085 834 333

Building Our Faith Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Our weekly Wednesday evening group meets at 7.30pm on zoom. This week we will be looking at John chapter 4 and focusing on the woman at the well.

We would love you to join us as we come together to look at the Bible and to share together.

If you are interested and have questions, or you need more information please contact me.

Sue Masters

07958 322026

Sunday Coffee Gathering

Please note that the access codes for the 11.15am Sunday gathering are available from the parish administrator or one of the church wardens.

Please Pray

for Phil and Denise Davies’ and their family as Denise’s mother passed away this week; for Les Neil’s family who sadly were unable to be with him at the end; for the leadership of St Andrew’s as it enters a new phase; and for Greg and Fran who have now moved to their new home in Pontesbury and also for a speedy recovery after their car accident.

Please also pray for the St Andrew’s PCC meeting this evening and also for St Andrew’s as meetings marking the beginning of the process of finding a new vicar commence.


With Greg having now left the vicarage, the churchwardens along with the Area Dean have legal responsibility for the life of St Andrew’s and specifically care of the building and the maintenance of worship. Day to day queries should be addressed to Julie at the Church Office at administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk or 07756 918847 or 2 Manderley Close, Eastern Green, CV5 7NR.

Do send Julie your favourite bible verses or hymn verses, names for prayer and any birthdays, celebrations or articles for inclusion in the bulletin. Julie can be contacted on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk