Bulletin – 1st March 2021

Church Bulletin

A great debate has been happening in our household over the past few weeks. No it’s not related to Covid or the government’s latest measures, it feels more important than that. Its whether we get a dog!

I’ve always wanted a dog, but with Tracy and I working, it never seemed fair to have one. Josh our son has wanted a dog every Christmas since he was about 5 and even this year when we asked what he wanted; his list started with a dog. As I’m partially retired and Tracy is working from home it seemed like the right time to explore the question again.

Why do we want one? Well, there is the health benefits of taking the dog for a walk. They bring energy into the house and of course the one thing you receive from a dog is companionship and unconditional love.

It’s that last element that has made me think and reflect on my own limitations when it comes to being attentive to others. So often I’ve intended to spend more time with family and friends, but other things have occupied my time and awareness; and before you know it the day has slipped by and the act of kindness or love has been missed.

How comforting to know that our heavenly father doesn’t let the time go by, but he is able to be with us whenever we need him. God always has time for us. He understands every detail of our circumstances, no matter how complex or difficult, and is there whenever we call on him in prayer. We never have to wait in line we receive his unconditional and unlimited love.

Isaiah 46 vs 4 “Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Nick Tooby

What are the Qualities We Want in Our New Vicar?

On the 8th March the PCC will discuss and make a decision on the type of Vicar we would prefer, and the answer can’t be “someone like Greg”. To answer this quite challenging question we will have to describe the essential and desirable qualities we want to see in this person. Is it essential or desirable that our new vicar is a good preacher? is interested in young people? interested in visiting? or an enthusiast for new styles of worship? If you had to describe the essential and desirable qualities, you want to see in our new vicar what would they be? If you’ve got some thoughts, then please send them to me under the headings of essential and desirable to nicktooby@btinternet.com

Nick Tooby – Churchwarden

Lent Appeal 2021

Last week Jeremy spoke about the vaccination programme and the positive experience it has been for many of those who have had their first, and for some their second vaccinations.  We are fortunate in the UK in the research and development of the vaccine and the speed and manner in which the programme has been implemented.

UNICEF are involved in providing Covid-19 vaccinations in countries across the globe that do not have the same access to the COVID-19 vaccinations. They are inviting people to donate to their vaccination programme and they say on the their website: ‘With your support, UNICEF will deliver 2 billion Covid-19 vaccines for health workers and the most high risk people on our planet.

As our Lent appeal this year we are inviting you to consider donating to the UNICEF vaccination appeal by using the following Link to our donation page:

St Andrews Church Lent Appeal – Give A Little

Thank you

Building our Faith – Wednesday Evening Bible Study in Lent

As we start the season of Lent why not join our weekly Bible study group on Wednesday evenings. For five weeks starting on Wednesday 24th February, we will be meeting on zoom to look at The Prayers of Jesus. Each week we look at a different prayer and there will be time for discussion and questions.

Come to as many as you can we would love you to join us.

If you are interested and have questions, or you need more information please contact Sue Masters – 07958 322026.

Foodbank Donations

To donate to Central foodbank, Sue Barnes is coordinating this so please contact her to drop off food at her house. Contact Sue at susanbarnes1960@outlook.com

If you are unable to give food you can also donate online here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/rddonate-checkout/

Book Club – Monday 1st March 2021 

We meet on Monday evening to discuss the book we have been reading – Plainsong by Kent Haruf.

The zoom details are available from Sue Masters – 07958 322026.

Please Pray

Please pray for John Shelton who is currently in hospital recovering from a ruptured colon and peritonitis.

Please also pray for St Andrew’s as meetings take place which begin the process of finding a new vicar.

Do send Julie your favourite bible verses or hymn verses, names for prayer and any birthdays, celebrations or articles for inclusion in the bulletin. Julie can be contacted on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk