Bulletin – 5th March 2021

Church Bulletin

As some of you will be aware, like many people during lockdown, I started to grow my own veg. This has taken on a life of its own, with a new raised bed having been built in the Tooby garden ready for this year. Two apple trees and a pear tree have now been planted and a glut of “Grow your own…..” books bought for me for Christmas presents. I feel I’ve now become Monty Don’s greatest fan, as I search for any programme he is on and listen intently to his latest advice. Although, based upon the vast array of produce he talks about I might have to expand into next doors garden as I’m not sure my 2*2 metre plot is big enough!

Last year was all a bit of fun and whatever arrived was a bonus. This year I sense there is greater level of expectation growing (see what I did there another gardening reference!) and I’m now starting to feel the pressure to succeed. Even Tracy mentioned last week, that with my new found expertise for growing our own, we shouldn’t need fresh fruit and veg from the supermarket this year. I tried to explain to her that I understood the concept, but that’s all it is, until I have had the chance to practice!

Paul wrote about practice to his friends in Philippi. “whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you” (Phillipians 4:9) He wasn’t referring to growing fruit and veg but growing in our Christian lives.

The 5 areas he identifies are: reconciliation, joy, gentleness, prayer, and focus. Now I’m sure I will need all of those over this year’s growing season, but which of these do we need to practice harder in our own lives and ask God to help us with?

Nick Tooby – Churchwarden

What are the Qualities We Want in Our New Vicar?

On the 8th March the PCC will discuss and make a decision on the type of Vicar we would prefer, and the answer can’t be “someone like Greg”. To answer this quite challenging question we will have to describe the essential and desirable qualities we want to see in this person. Is it essential or desirable that our new vicar is a good preacher? is interested in young people? interested in visiting? or an enthusiast for new styles of worship? If you had to describe the essential and desirable qualities, you want to see in our new vicar what would they be? If you’ve got some thoughts, then please send them to me under the headings of essential and desirable to nicktooby@btinternet.com

Nick Tooby – Churchwarden

Children & Family’s Online Service

As we are unable to meet again this month, the Children’s Council has produced a small children & family’s online service. This will be available on our website from 10am on Saturday 6th March 2021. Craft packs have been sent to families known to us, but if you would like one, please contact rebecca.crowe@ourfaith.online and one will be delivered to you. St Andrew’s Children’s Council

Visit to Pontesbury 

As we all know we were unable to hold a farewell event for Greg & Fran when we said goodbye in January. Plans were originally set out for and event in the summer for them to return so we could say goodbye properly. Having been in their new parish for a few weeks Greg and Fran feel a return would be too emotionally difficult.

However, Greg & Fran has invited the members of St Andrew’s to a Thanksgiving service on the 21st June at 7pm. The service will be held at St George’s in Pontesbury, to thank God for what we hope will be the permanent end to lockdown.

During the afternoon, Greg is offering to show people around his new parish and hopefully in true St Andrew’s tradition there will be lots of cake! You will need to make your own arrangements to travel to and from Pontesbury.

Of course, this is all provisional and is subject to the lockdown being lifted as per the roadmap set out by the government. At this time we are asking if this is something you would like to attend (both/afternoon/evening) please can you send myself or a Julie your intentions so we can send rough numbers to Greg. We will confirm full details nearer the time.

Becky Crowe – Churchwarden 

Lent Appeal 2021

Last week Jeremy spoke about the vaccination programme and the positive experience it has been for many of those who have had their first, and for some their second vaccinations. We are fortunate in the UK in the research and development of the vaccine and the speed and manner in which the programme has been implemented.

UNICEF are involved in providing Covid-19 vaccinations in countries across the globe that do not have the same access to the COVID-19 vaccinations. They are inviting people to donate to their vaccination programme and they say on the their website: ‘With your support, UNICEF will deliver 2 billion Covid-19 vaccines for health workers and the most high risk people on our planet.

As our Lent appeal this year we are inviting you to consider donating to the UNICEF vaccination appeal by using the following Link to our donation page:

St Andrews Church Lent Appeal – Give A Little

Thank you

Birthday Congratulations

Happy birthday to Bryan Walker who celebrates his 80th birthday on 6th March.

Les Neil

Les Neil’s daughter, Vanessa, would like to thank everyone who came last Friday to say goodbye to her dad at both 70 Sutton Avenue and at the crematorium.

Foodbank Donations

To donate to Central foodbank, Sue Barnes is coordinating this so please contact her to drop off food at her house. Contact Sue at susanbarnes1960@outlook.com

If you are unable to give food you can also donate online here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/rddonate-checkout/

Window Wanderland

An event called Window Wanderland will be happening in our area between the 6th and 12th March 2021.  Basically, people decorate their windows during this period and then a walking trail is created for other people to appreciate the artwork.

Window Wanderland can be enjoyed by everyone in the area, it is also Covid safe. The idea is that you make something to display in your window during the dates above it can be small and simple or large and impressive. If you don’t think you are an artist there will be some free online workshops to give you some ideas.

This is a great opportunity to show off our area of the City and for families to be involved in the City of Culture by being creative together.  Although there is no theme perhaps we could look at putting a religious theme or message into your window display?  But the most important thing is to take part.

This is the link for people to sign up https://www.windowwanderland.com/event/tile-hill-eastern-green-2021/

Anyone in Eastern Green, Tile Hill, Mount Nod, Bannerbrook and Allesley Green is included in our area.

Sunday Coffee Gathering

Please note that the access codes for the 11.15am Sunday gathering are available from the churchwardens at church@standrewseg.co.uk

Jigsaw Puzzles                                                                                

I still have many 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and a few 500-piece puzzles which are available for anyone to loan. If you would like one (or more) please contact Julie on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk. If you are unable to collect a jigsaw please give me a call and I can arrange for one to be delivered to you. Please note that jigsaws will be available until the end of April.

Please Pray

Please pray for John Shelton who is currently in hospital recovering from a ruptured colon and peritonitis.

Please also pray for St Andrew’s as meetings take place which begin the process of finding a new vicar.

Do send Julie your favourite bible verses or hymn verses, names for prayer and any birthdays, celebrations or articles for inclusion in the bulletin. Julie can be contacted on 07756 918847 or administrator@standrews-eg.org.uk