Sunday Service for Sunday 18th July 2021 (Repost)

A technical issue with the site has required reposting the service again.

Welcome to our Sunday Service for Sunday 18th July 2021
Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Service Collection and Online Gifts/Donations
We have decided that we will continue to offer this approach for people who attend our online services and normally give via the collection plate, or who may wish to make a donation to the work of the church. The attached link is the way to make a gift and this will also be included on the service link each week. Can I say thank you to everyone who continues to support the work of St Andrew’s Church your contributions are very much appreciated. Nick Tooby (Churchwarden).

Coffee Morning
An informal Sunday morning coffee meeting will be held via Zoom from 11:15AM.
Click to join today’s coffee morning
Meeting ID: 889 5975 8216
Password: 504896

To join us in this service please click the YouTube button in the middle of the video.

Order of Service

  • Welcome, Prayers of preparation, confession and Collect: Lesley Lee
  • Scripture Reading – Ephesians 2, vs 11-22: Sara Parkes
  • Song – Light of the World: Di Fellowes
  • Gospel Reading – Mark 6, vs 30-34 & 53-56: Sara Parkes
  • Sermon: Sue Masters
  • Song – Lord the Love of Your Light is Shining: Di Fellowes
  • Intercessions: Lynnette Clarke
  • Lord’s Prayer: Lesley Lee
  • Notices & Blessing: Lesley Lee